He suffers from a rare syndrome and need to make an urgent transplant outside Brazil. Help!

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Banco do Brasil
Agency: 1191-6
Current account: 38339-2
CPF: 484.830.248-02
Name: Pedro Libração da Lavra Baragão

The story

Have you ever messed up? Scraped your knee? Laughed until you peed? Have you ever heard “I love you”? Ever said “I love you”? Have you ever travelled the world ? Met the love of your life?

Every day you write a little more of your own story. What we need is that you give us a little help so that Pedrinho has a chance to live his life too.

Pedrinho, or “Little Pedro”, is the owner of a beautiful smile and was born with a rare syndrome called SBS - Short Bowel Syndrome. This was a consequence of a defect that caused his intestines to necrotize. Pedrinho has already undergone two surgeries. On Monday, our little hero managed to have his intestine grow from 12 to about 25cm. Unfortunately this was not enough.

Today our little boy is fed by parenteral nutrition, which is received through a catheter that takes this nutrition to his heart and the milk through a nasal tube that goes to his stomach. Soon a gastrostomy tube will be placed and the nasal tube will be removed. After receiving parenteral nutrition for a long time, it can overwhelm the other organs and end up not allowing him to live a long story.

The only alternative is a small intestine transplant. But that is where the big issue arises: the procedure only takes place in the U.S. and only the surgery can cost between US$ 800,000.00 and 1 million.

Pedrinho’s parents, Roger and Aline do not have all that money. So they decided to ask for a little help from us at Tecla F. We agreed right away. And then we thought: this little kid still has a long story to live. Eureka! Then we had the idea of ​​creating The Blank Biography of Pedrinho, and with collective funding, give our new friend the chance to write a great life story.

After he overcomes all of this, we will give the Blank biography to him, which will turn into a diary loaded with good energy for our new friend to write the highlights of his life until one day he becomes "Big Pedro", big and burly . :)

About Pedrinho

Pedrinho was born on August 22, 2013, at the Pro Matre maternity hospital in São Paulo, at 36 weeks and 1 day, therefore being considered a late preterm infant. Today he is close to completing nine months of life.

His feeding, since his fourth day of life, happens through a catheter that goes to his heart. This caused Pedrinho to undergo various procedures and daily checks. He has even received more than 16 sticks in one day in order to get access and provide parental nutrition. Even then, he never stopped smiling.

Pedrinho loves attention. He watches everything that happens around him, as if he wanted to join the conversation. But when he gets sleepy, he just wants his flannel. They are inseparable.

He loves toys that make noise, but they compete for attention with its little plush giraffe Gigi and monkey Quinho. In the bath, he relaxes amid laughter. He loves to stomp his feet in the water. By the way, what an ability he has with those feet. We bet his story will involve soccer fields. Beware, Neymar!

Pedrinho glows with joy. And with your help, he can have a great story ahead. Or rather, a bestselling book filled with smiles.

The Costs

Only the cost of surgery, which can only be carried out in the U.S., ranges between US$ 800,000.00 and 1 million dollars, meaning more than 2 million Brazilian Reais. Part of that money must be paid in advance so that Pedrinho can get in line for transplantation and have his procedure pre-scheduled. In addition, there are also the costs for the family to stay in the country for 8 months to complete the entire treatment. Any amount can be decisive. Please, give us a little help!